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Shopee Paylater Shopping Feature Now Pay it bisa Plus tard

Shopee has launched a breakthrough by launching the shopee paylater shopping feature that allows customers to pay later. Shopee is an e-commerce te rbesarin Southeast Asia. In Indonesiaitself, shopee has a lot of users of shopee services. Currently, shopee has become one of the largest e-commerce in Indonesia.

Nowadays, Indonesians tend to enjoy shopping online. The practicality of the san given when workingonline causes people to turn away from shopping directly at the store. Only with a smartphone can you shop at home. The goods will be delivered by mail to your place of residence. You just have to wait casually at home.

Currently, there is a lot of e-commerce in Indonesia. Therefore, e-commerce tries to compete with each other to win the hearts of customers. Oneof them is Shopee which continues to innovate to provide services that make it easier forits users. There are many shopee features that are made to attract customer interest such as games with shopee point prices, free shipping, massive discounts, for shopee paylater shopping features now and can pay later.

There are so many products sold at shopee, it can be said that almost all your needs are available at shopee. Starting with clothing, food,  household appliances, electronic equipment , accessories and many more. And one of the things that can make you enjoy shopping at shopee is the number of discounts granted. This way you will get the goods you want at the best price.

In addition to the number of shopee app users in Indonesia, shopee also continues to strive to provide the best service. Shopee is committed to providing safety and comfort to shoppers and providing broad access to MSMEs. Shopee hopes that MSMEs in Indonesia will be able to grow their businesses through the platform provided by shopee.

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What is Shopee Paylater Latest Shopee Shopping Features

This paylater feature makes it very easy for users to make purchases. Simply put, shopee paylater can be interpreted as a loan granted by Shopee to its users to make purchases. This way, users can make purchases evenif they don’t have any money yet. To create a shopee paylater account, you must comply with the applicable terms and conditions.

However, because the money provided is a loan, you should not be complacent in shopping. Make sure that the amount of money you use is still within your capacity. In principle, shopee paylater is like a credit card. You will get a loan limit and interest will be charged to you as well every time you make a transaction.

If you are still a new user of the shopee paylater service, the buy now pay later function will not appear. You have to wait untilyoureach three months to be able to activate shopee paylater. In addition, you should also actively use your shopee account. And also make sure that you are using the latest version of the app. If you meet the requirements, shopee paylater will definitely appear in your account.

Thefacility given to Oleh Shopee Paylater

When shopee released the paylater feature, a lot of ecommerce followed suit. Competitors do not seem to be left behind to attract users. With the paylater function, it will be very easy for customers to make their purchases. Even users can make purchases when they have no money at all. But you need to use this feature appropriately so that the bills that need to be paid are always at hand.

With the paylater feature, users will be really very spoiled. Especially when you see the desired item, there is a big discount. You need to be able to control your desire to shop if you feel you don’t have enough income. This shopee paylater feature will make your buying process very convenient.

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By using shopee paylater, the purchase function pay now pay later, you will be charged interest. But calm, the flowers given are very light. So you don’t have to worry when usingthe paylater feature. In one day, you can get a loan limit of up to RP 1,800,000. The amount of the loan limit depends on how often you transact with your shopee account.

Shopee will provide a loan limit based on the user’s capabilities. This is useful to avoid users of paylater features who cannot pay the bills. Obviously, this is very useful for you so as not to be too excessive in purchases. If you want to increase the loan limit, you need to make frequent transactions.

How to enable the Shopee Paylater feature

To activate the shopee paylater shopping function now pay later, you must comply with the terms and conditions that have been set. When you use the shopee paylater function, you must pay the invoices on time. Karena if you experiencea lagan, there is a beberapa loss that you have to endure. For example, blocking shopee accounts or imposing fines of up to 5% of the total bill.

Thestep toactivate shopee paylater is to open the shopee app and then select my menu. If you have met the dietary requirements, you will see the ShopeePayLater menu. Just click Activate Now. Then you will be asked to confirm the phone number. If the confirmation is successful, you will be asked to upload a photo of your ID card and a photo of yourself.

Make sure that the photos taken are clearly visible so that they can be checked correctly. You will also be asked to enter an emergency number that can be charged when your shopee account encounters problems. If all processes were successful, you just need to wait for shopee’s confirmation if the activation request is rejected or accepted.

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There are several things you need to know when shopping with the shopee paylater shopping feature that allows you to pay up to 5 months in the future. You can payanyamount as long as it does not exceed the subsequent payment limit. Products with voucher categoryi cannot be purchased with paylater. In addition, digital products also cannot be purchased with shopee paylater.

What happens if there is a delay in paying Shopee’s subsequent invoices

If you use the shopee paylater shopping feature before paying later, you need to make sure that you can pay your bills on time. Because shopee will provide sanctions to those who cannot pay the bills on time. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the loss due to this very tempting service from Shopee.

The first sanction you can get when you don’t pay your bills on time is blocking your shopee account. You may also be charged a fine of 5% of the total bill you have to pay. Of course, if you are subject to the above sanctions, it will be very detrimental to you.

And please note that shopee paylater is directly supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).  So if you make a delay in shopee paylater, you can be registered with the OJK. If it is registered with the OJK, you will have a hard time borrowing from other money lending services.

You can even find a place to live to be charged by field collectors. Of course, this can make you feel ashamed of the surrounding environment. Therefore, make sure well before using shopee paylater. With all its conveniences, if not used properly , the current purchasing function can have a negative impact.

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