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History of the Revolution in West Java and what it brought about


One form of revolution that gives  many memories of its time is DI TII West Java.   This is mainly because that incident  was enough  to  cause a lot of damage. In fact, and the events happened over a fairly long period of time. Many people still remember today.


Even after the Republic of Indonesia gained independence, the people were overwhelmed by the more intense struggle. The National Heroes face many events that are far from it during the Independence struggle. Even  at that time the resistance was coming from the Indonesians themselves.   This has happened that this view has not been followed by the government.


Many groups of individuals are dissatisfied with what the Indonesian government is implementing. So there are  many  rebels by their people by, for example,  the DI TII TII TII movement.  There the center itself is located in the regional part of Indonesia, just like West Java itself.


Indonesia is still home to many places like Kalimantan, Aceh, or Sulawesi.  But in the end the effort was resisted by the government. The botched attempt was a successful one as the resistance  was more evident in  various fields.   So far   it is widely known among the public.


Background in TII West Java


Darul Islam Action The Indonesia Islamic Army is itself  a political  movement, their initial development in the Tasikmalaya area. This resistance initially came to light  from Islamic State inIndonesia. And exactly it was august 7th  , 1949th. This happened a few years after the announcement.


The West Java TII revolution  led by Sekarmadji’s chart of Maridjan Kartosoewirjo aimed to create an Islamic state in Indonesia that was at the end of declaring its own NII.   This incident itself happened because Kartosoewirjo felt like he was underplaying the essence of the Renville agreement.

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The essence of the treaty itself is believed to be troubling the dignity of the hero of independence. The essence of this agreement was the Indonesian government in the Netherlands forcing it to move from the West Java region. In fact, before this resistance occurred, Kartosoewirjo was already a politician. So it’s no surprise he has a lot of political experience.


Even the Islamist party that  buys au within the  country is very fanatical about Islam. He also thought that a political hijra under his leadership should be used.   Originating from West Java TII unites  any branch  of Indonesia in a court that can go to war with  a  non-treaty state.


It’s not just about moving becausethere’s one person in the sharing of different ideas. The leaders and members of the  movement were also instigated by its leader from western Java.   This resistance was actually because Kartosoewirjo was dissatisfied with  the independence  of the Republic of  Indonesia and was still shadowed by the Dutch who wanted to maintain Indonesian control.


Purpose Movement DI TII


The event pemberontakan DI TII West Java was  led by Sekarmadji community leader Maridjan Kartosoewirjo himself because he had to achieve the goals as he wanted.   In practice, the TII itself is trying to create a country where   islamic sharia (sharia) is based.   In addition, the country was liberated by  dutch colonialism.


For more details about  this resistance itself is the establishment of an Indonesian Islamic state recognized by  the   state. In fact, they also want to have international law  for recognition. In addition, this resistance was formed as he wanted  Indonesia  to become an  Islamic country with a base.


This  step  is a lead  to the establishment of Islamic law to become the law of the Indonesian government, of course, which is adhered to by two things, hadith and the Koran. Not only that but they established an Islamic state and wanted to change the laws of the state to make it  islam-like  .

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The purpose   of building the DI TII Revolution in West Java was because the chart rejected the idea and rules of the hadith and the Koran. Even the two things mentioned sayif they follow people even though they are infidels.   But it is unfortunate, because the main objective of this movement has formed to fight the Dutch.


but it turned into a radicalism. As everyone knows, Indonesia itself has a wide variety of beliefs.  There are 6 major religions identified by the state as well. So it is not wise for  Islam to make it a specialty of all other religions.


Founder of Kacdoonka ee TII West Java


The emergence of the DI action itself was originally because two suspects were suspected of having an important role in  making  the  move.   In terms of the first person is Kyai Jusuf Tauziri.   He is said to be the founder of the first stages of creating a peaceful Islamic movement.


But in the end he also extended his support to Kartosoewirjo to fight the Indonesian government. Yet, many people know that the main character of DI  itself is Kartosoewirjo.   The worker who was born and raised in the  Java  area itself has spent almost his career as a Java journalist.


in fact, he himself is not himself a native of West Java, but a native of Central Javanese, born in Cepu.  Its location in the area itself is between Bojonegoro and Blora. Born on February 7, 1905, he received his education using Dutch and attended primary school, with the first of his first menegah.


In fact as the story is, he did not have much insight into Islam and Arabic. There was even a course capable of entering the Dutch East Indies ketabibab school in Surabaya. It was in that area where he met H. Omar Siid who  later became chairman of PSII.

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The DI TII West Java movement  itself was initially a negative reaction given from KartosoeWirjo and his team in their opposition to the Renville deal.   Indonesia and the Netherlands reached an agreement on   this agreement.  This is what makes darulul Islam and members of the military a TII itself.


Fallout from the Rise of the West Java TII Revolution              


As many people know the incident in TII West Java is the biggest event in the country  and is remembered by most of all. Even in some places he even supports the movement. With the aim of establishing a state  in accordance with Islam.


Even the state of the Republic of Indonesia at the time even now declared independence and fought against the Netherlands for a second time. The government has again faced resistance from its people. Of course this makes the government do more to suppress the movement. The point is that it can also be combined with ra ra.


In Western Java, this rematch started peacefully. while Moh Natsir did it on the board. But the way it was run was not working. After that, it was again followed up to use another method that should be used in military operations. Finally, Kartosoewirjo was in 1962 closed in the Mount Salak area.


The operation also expresses concern over the efforts of the community to curb the movement of di TII TII TII members. The punishment to be punished is death. In fact,  the action by TII West Java  is no small loss and it’s a great post-independence event that you should know.

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