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Legendary West Spacenese Whip Noodle Recipe

The inhabitantsof and around Bandung  need to be very popular with  this legendary West Javanese whip noodle recipe | West Java, especially Bandung, is actually  famous for various diverse and delicious culinary delights |Mi Shake is a delicious cuisine that is popular not only in Bandung but also in various other regions including Jakarta|

Whipped noodles are a typical West Javanese cook that consists of noodles, bean sprouts, and kikils  then used with  a  thick  delicious broth | as a culinary supplement, it is usually also served with kikil, basso, mustard greens, leeks and fried onions | is the most suitable for eating in the winter or rain |.

While this is a typical West Javanese cuisine, vendors of whipped noodles can now be found in various other areas|  A serving of this dish is usually sold with prices ranging from RP 10,000 to RP | only 15,000 |

But if you want to make your own at home, this West Javanese whipped noodle recipe isn’t really complicated | if you want to make your own whip noodles at home then following are the ingredients and steps you can take:

Ingredients and seasoning to make whipped noodles

To cook this typical West Javanese, prepare the ingredients and seasoning first| You  have several ingredients and key bums to  make the whipped noodle recipe delicious and simple  | for more details, check out the following reviews:

Bahn-ingredients that need to be prepared:

  1. Flat Egg Noodles 500 g
  2. Raw bean sprout 100 g
  3. Cow’s Feet (Kikil)
  4. Licks and Celery
  5. Moderate water

Beat  the commoner of West Java for thesoup season R Shape MeE:

  1. Bay leaves 4 pieces
  2. Lemongrass 3 Sticks
  3. Ginger two-finger section
  4. Garlic 5 Cloves
  5. Shaltus 5 pieces
  6. Taste for taste
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You can also add supplemental ingredients like shrimp crackers and onion sauces if needed| To add nampoles, you can also make fried onions sprinkled while serving|  Don’t forget to prepare lime to add a fresh flavor to  this West Javanese whipped noodle recipe  |

Steps and how to make whipped noodles

How to  make  this dish  is not really complicated | the key to the deliciousness of this typical bandung kitchen lies in the soup and the ingredients need to be fresh|  To make a delicious and simple recipe for food, you can follow the methods and steps:

  1. Prepare cow kickel

Clean the cow’s legs with running water until all the dirt and fluff goes away| Next time cook beef legs in a pressure cooker for about an hour so that they can be soft and cooked|   You don’t need to add any spices while boiling beef legs as they will be recooked later|   Once cooked, remove and drain.

  1. Prepare whipped noodle soup

To make this West Javanese whipped noodle recipe soup  , boil about 1.5 liters | next place lemongrass stem, bay leaves, and ginger that have been pressed into the water dectosion | don’t forget to include even the beef legs that have already been pressed so that they can be more tender and cooked|

While waiting for the soup stew to boil,  also make fine spices for the soup | purify the onions and garlic then saute until it is aromatic | next time put the cooked spices in the stew of the gravy and beef legs | cook until you’re bummered and then add salt, sugar, sugar and sugar until the beef leg is fully cooked  |

As a supplemental ingredient, also prepare egg noodles and bean sprouts and prepare them boil in boiling water and until they die| Next, prepare a serving bowl and keep all the supplemental  ingredients thatare cooked and watered with warm gravy | sprinkle with fried onions and add a squeeze of lime to make it more tasty and stable|

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The history of West Javanese whipped noodle recipes that have a legendary flavour |

Residents in and around Bandung need to be familiar with the cuisine of whipping noodles| Ku liner is  a delicious blend of noodles, kikil and gur soup that  can’t really stop enjoying the tongue | but do you already know what the history of this culinary taste is, the taste of which need not be doubted?

Whipped noodles are one of the culinary delights that are believed to have existed since 1958| The name of the whipped noodles is derived from the way itself is served, namely by shaking the noodles and bean sprouts in a metal vessel and thenserving them | by dipping them in water p annus for cooking which ultimately led to the common western space called whipped noodles|

This West Javanese whipped noodle recipe is unchanged from ancient times to the present|   This recipe is a yellow noodle dish  that is equipped with other ingredients like bean sprouts, chopped kickles, bassos, leeks, celery, fried onions thenused with kua h delicious and thick beef broth | if it is mixed with spicy chili sauce and lime juice it will be even more stable ||

The uniqueness of this typical West Javanese cuisine, maintained by vendors from the past  , is the appearance of a pot for boiling noodles and bean sprouts | from past to the present noodle vendors have beaten using a hollow metal container like a small bucket and with a long handle for the handle to prevent it from heating|

The legendary Mi Kokok kitchen in Bandang

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The Mi Shake can now really be enjoyed from anywhere as there are many of these culinary vendors who have migrated to different parts of the islands like Jakarta| However, if you really  want to enjoy authentic West Javanese Whip noodle recipes, the city of Bandyung is a paradise | flower town has a lot of legendary kitchens you need to try|

Persib whip noodles are the most popular place to eat this warm kitchen in Bandung| This West Javanese kitchen shop  is  located right in Jalan Ahmed Yani No. 262, Bandang City, in the parking area of Persib Stadium, | one serving of whipped noodles here sells for RP23,000 by adding only delicious meat and ribs|

Another best place to enjoy  recipes for ordinary whip noodles from West Java  is at the Mang Dadeng shop | the shop is located in Jalan Banteng KH Ahmed Dahlan No.  67.  Mi Kokok Bandung Mang Dadeng is very popular because it has a special spice consisting of 26 spices and a season of family heritage from generation to generation|

The charm and charm of Bandung city is not just in the beauty of the city| However, the cuisine of the flower city is famous for being delicious even for the remotest parts of the islands| One of them is whip noodles that have a legendary flavour| This west place whipped noodle recipe isn’t too complicated either so if you don’t have time to go straight to Bandung you can try it yourself at home|

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