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Simply contact The Adria Call Centre for easy credit services

Do you want to have a new car but you don’t plan to buy it with cash ? To get information about the best credit , contact the  Adira Call Centre  . Having a car is not only a matter of precedement , but also a matter of the usefulness of the object .

By seeing the car ‘s increasing work , you need to have it at this time . Unfortunately , not all parties can reach the price of cars , which are increasing day by day . In other words , you can use credit authority from Adria Financial .

Not only does it provide car loan services , in fact , it also facilitates customers to finance different goods . A lot of religion about services ? Before you contact the Edira Call Centre , it is a good idea to listen to the description below .

Identify Adyra Dynamica with a few finances

PtEdaira Dynamics is a multi-financial company , generally known as The Consumer Company . Adira is one of the financial companies for customers that depends on several items such as motorcycles , cars , furniture , electronic equipment , multi-purpose loans .

The company ‘s government product is a service of improvement for new and used products . With a network of more than 600 department offices , the company has 180 employees distributed in all indonesian cities . To this end , the financial company also has up to three million business partners and consumers .

Currently , based on the application , the social media platform provides services to consumers , PT Adaira Dynamics provides several financial purchase and sales services using online methods . If you intend to use the company ‘s services  , try to contact the Edaira Call Centre for more information  .

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Adyra ‘s several financial products

Over time , the company now comes with some of the best products for its consumers . For more details , see the full description of their best characteristics below .

  1. Car financial support

Car finance is the most basic feature offered by the company to consumers . With two methods performed , as normal and Sharia , service workers can choose characteristics according to their needs . This feature also includes two purchase options , including a new or used car .

  1. Car financial support

Adira also provides two-wheel finance services in addition to financing four-wheeled cars . If you intend to follow , you may not use the normal or Sharia mechanism . For information about the following money and other needs , you should contact the Edira Call Centre  as soon as  possible .

  1. Electronic and furniture financial assistance

Another feature that is not less in demand in consumers ‘ eyes is the financing of electronic materials and furniture . Electronic materials that can be used for credit are in the air , laptops , refrigerators , washing machines , and TV . While furniture , you can use credit items such as cabinets , chairs , furniture , and other home needs .

  1. Multi-use financial assistance

You can use several financial assistance for several purposes , such as education , age , health insurance , and even home reconstruction . To guarantee , multi-purpose specifications receive a BP Cable guarantee for cars , or four wheels or two wheels . Thinking about the presentation procedure ? For more information , contact The Edira Call Centre  .

Theterms and conditions you must identify

If you are interested in partnering with Adyra Financial , you must complete the following conditions as a condition for the presentation . See these terms below .

  1. Electronic and furniture financial assistance
  2. Make sure you are an Indonesian citizen as evidenced by the id card
  3. You should be at least 21 years old and 55 years old as the maximum age limit when the installation ends
  4. You must also have one million income per month to apply
  5. Please remember that the interest given by the company varies in each branch .
  6. There is at least a financial limit of 1 million to 100 million rupees .
  7. Customers are not under money or guarantees
  8. When first presented , the customer is not paid a special fee
  9. Service users need to pay an administration fee with a specified noun
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  1. Multi-approved credit application

Contrary to the financial application for electronic equipment and furniture , for multi-purpose credit , you must meet the following conditions .

  1. You must include a non-residential card ( KTP ) for your husband or wife
  2. In addition , customers also need to include a family card
  3. The future requirement is to include a salary reduction document or income document
  4. CYostomer is required to have documents on home ownership , stencils , land and building tax , and telephone bills .
  5. Finally , customers need to include documents of completeness of their equipment such as BPKB , STNK , and original inbox .

What is the number of edira consumer services ?

Some consumers may be concerned about what they need to provide when they want to use the edyra financial specifications . You will also be surprised , how do you contact The Adira Call Centre for  advice  ? There is no need to worry because the company also provides information assistance centre services for its consumers .

The company itself provides a special service for the Information Centre called Edaira Mali . All information needs from consumers can be easily resolved through such services . The number you can contact is free of charge with 1500511 24-hour service .

Use of customer complaint centre services

Do you want to use information services and contact the Adira Call Centre ? Not only as an average that has placed consumer assessments , it also offers a number of other features that include :

  1. confirmation

You can use this feature as a confirmation medium . In general, consumers receive notices that they suspect they are fraudulent. To ensure the truth of the notice , you can contact the company ‘s customer service number . The customer service will receive your report and then confirm the matter .

  1. information
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In addition to verification , you can  also contact the Edira Call Centre  to get some information . For example , if you forget the amount of money associated with your installations , you can use this authority . In addition to fees , customers can also request date or some other important information .

  1. Complaints

This feature is aimed at upcoming complaints or reports from customers . If you find some problems using the company ‘s services , you can contact customer services directly to complain about the problem .

Is there any other media besides the bells ?

In any case , if you find any problems when you  need to contact the Adria Call Centre to ask for only information or submit a complaint , Edria provides other media for these purposes  . One of the media that can be used is the company ‘s official social media.

Some media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even LinkedIn, can be used to get information or to address existing problems. In addition , the official application of the company , the original jojos for Adirako , may also want to have access to different characteristics from the media in the form of the application platform .

Buying a financial company cannot be separated from several obstacles and problems that can always arise . For those of you who want to make a service-related complaint or just want to get more information , try  to contact the Edira Call Centre as soon as possible  .

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