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West Java news and information on potential disasters in various regions


Recent news of West Java has been filled with numerous natural disasters that have rattled the ground in the country; almost all of West Java (West Java) are flooded There are potential for landslides, landslides, and other disasters—Gerard, Borgo, Bendong, and Semahi.

They are capable not only in rural areas near mountains and rivers but also in urban areas. The Implementation Party of the Ray Agency (BPBD) said that disaster mapping had been prepared to the village level.

However, earthquakes, tidal floods due to rising seawater, as well as severe weather changes predict disasters It is therefore urged to be cautious about all levels of society because it is important to be aware of increased understanding and observation.

The floods, landslides and earthquakes that occurred in 2020 are valuable experiences not to alleviate vigilance from government and community Amid particularly extreme weather changes, heavy rains caused 1,387 landslides by 2020.

Natural disasters in West Java are likely to lose their lives because many settlers are built on hillsides and steep slopes. Here is an explanation of the disaster in many parts of West Java:

Disaster Risk in Gerard Region

West Java News reports high rainfall in all areas of the country, particularly in west Java regions, reveals the potential for landslides and floods It requires particular attention because Gerard is one of the highest-risk districts in West Java.

In general, landslides are central to the south, and the central part of the north is more likely to be affected by flooding. Especially the secretive conditions that cause ground movements and flash floods or looting that affect the Gerard area.

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BPBD Gerard has spread an appeal to small districts about the care of potential disasters as rain fell to the Mt Gerard area to the north coast The threat of landslides and flash floods in the northern region is found in the district of Malanbong and in the southern part of Parkinjong, Benghazi.

West Java News continues to update the latest information about potential disasters and approach for natural disasters around If they see the potential, they urge the public to report to the nearest government. Because prevention measures are so important, even the minimum prospect must be reported.

Disaster Risk in Bogotá

In addition to Gerard, Bogo has many potential for disasters, mostly in the Pankate region, Bogo.” In the past, there was a flash flood that submerged the village of DoolanSwan with mud floodwaters.

The likelihood of floods and landslides in this area is still very high, reports West Java News. It is expected to indicate an outbreak of a disaster: mudslide surfaces, river flooding and other indicators: well fluctuations.

Heavy rains that continue to increase the likelihood of flooding and landslides taking up a position stood by local government with the community This post is always stopped for 24 hours. You can contact or visit the nearest post to get or send information.

The disaster preparations are located in Jalan Pangeran Sogiri, Jalan Layungsarri, Jalan Kebon Pedes, Jalan Sudirman and Riau Square. It is a combination of Tgana, Limous, and the local community, not only informing West Java about the disasters but also preparing disaster management equipment.

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The outlook for Baccana is predicted to remain high in the Bogo region during the rainy season until the end of March . So the public reduces their guardianship They are expected not to always update the latest information about Yan and the possibility of flooding and landslides, especially those living around rivers and hills.

Disaster risk in Bandung

In  West Java news, the city of Bandung is one of the regions with disasters and is involved  in the range of national priorities in disaster reduction This area of 2.5 million people is likely to experience flooding in addition to earthquakes caused by the presence of active volcanoes.

Landslides, fires and meltdowns are also at increased risk because of the constant construction of settlement areas, which are currently targeted at settling not only downtown but also hill counties, leading to increased natural disasters.

Increased firefighters’ preparedness, and settlement construction permits have begun to be implemented.West Java news said that the construction of evacuation routes, particularly for the Bandung area, was still very low.

The most important thing at the moment is that when something happens to build evacuation routes in various or high-rise buildings, it stands as a measure to rescue refugees Urban communities in Bandung must improve the reduction of natural disasters and fires, so it cannot be dependent solely on the SAR.

A disaster risk in Semahi

The city of Semahi has not escaped earthquake risk since 2010 because this city in West Java is Lamban Because of direct contact with the fault, the distance of the fault is so close that earthquakes can occur at any time.

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In  west Java news, West Jar informed that an earthquake was likely to occur and that its reach was difficult to predict The public is always asked to be cautious and prepared to prepare themselves so as not to die during an earthquake.

In the northern and southern regions of Simahi, there are many potential and inevitable possibilities, however, the community has a decrease in earthquakes. We can help reduce the impact of disasters by engaging in education on measures and forming pre-staffed staff in the community.

For the record, 1.d on the wealthy scale that rocked the West Java region from 2010 to 2021, particularly Seemahi and Bandung There have been 14 earthquakes with a magnitude of 5 to 3.4; so far the outlook has not declined at all, increasing even at both frequent events and strength levels.

Not only are floods caused by Lamban defects, but the capital of Simahi is not flooded, landslides, and tornadoes In 2007-2019, there were at least 67 floods, 39 landslides, and 39 landslides.

In addition, the fire has occurred at least 105 times and resulted in the loss of a large amount of material goods, so the prospect of a disaster in Semahi remains very high, a city with the highest number of disaster management in the country.


The geography and landscape photograph of West Java has many disasters in the region, at least 14 of which are most at risk. Some of the highest prospective cities are Cities, Bogo, Bandung, and Semahi, which have  always  been updated with west Java news  to avoid danger.

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